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If you are planning to replace your roof or you think it needs a proper renovation or even repair, in all cases you will need a roof contractor. You will find a number of roofing contractors Thornhill claiming and promising different packages and deals to attract clients but there are certain things which you have to keep in mind before you hire a roof contractor.

To hire the right roof contractor you will have to see that the roofing contractors which you are going to hire gives warranties or not, what insurance policies they are offering, what type of material they usually use in their Thornhill roof repair, roof renovation or replacement.

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You can always take quotation from two to three contractors and decide who the best is for you. You can always ask questions about their previous projects completed and even the clients they have been worked for about their performance the quality of material they have used during the project whether the project was delivered in time and were the costs of the project managed under the budget. Here is a small guide which will help you in your search of roofing contractors Thornhill.

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Ask for insurance

You can always ask your roof contractors to show you a proof of insurance; this will ensure your house safety in case of any unfortunate event as well as of the work force at work.

Ask for costs and contracts in writing

Make sure that before you handover the project to your roof contractor you should have all the estimated costs in writing so that there is no ambiguity. Make sure you settle down the procedure of payment as well.

Ask for experience and the past projects

You can always ask you roof contractor how long he has been in the business as well as the projects he have completed you can always ask their previous clients how well or bad they performed.

Ask for warranties and Guarantees

In most cases there is a warranty of one year of the work they do means if any problem arises after completion of the project that will be under the warranty for one year, in certain cases it might be more than one year, may vary from contractor to contractor. The best source in this case will be their previous clients you can always inquire about the policies and complaints handled by them.

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At Montana’s roofing and repair the team of roofing contractors Thornhill, have always tried their level best on every project they have taken, certified and following the standard procedures they are under they have delivered their best. Our roofing contractors are professional and will provide you with all the necessary paper work before starting a project. Their integrity with the client will reflect the company integrity which they have always maintained and if any problem has occurred during the ongoing project they have always taken the client into confidence keeping the whole process as transparent as possible without giving any surprises to our clients after the completion of the project.

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