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At Montana’s roofing and repair our team has come across several cases where people have just ignored and didn’t felt the need to change the roof, what usually happens in this case is that the condition is getting worse at a level that your house is getting damaged because of the leaks and cracks in the roofing and because of the delay in the installation of the new roof you will have bear more expenses. Our team is specialized and experts in new Roof installation Durham region. But there are certain signs and with the help of that, you can decide to install a new roof. Usually, a tiled roof has a lifespan of almost 30 years but that also depends upon the weather conditions and the quality of the materials used when it was made and installed. And if you are living in a house for a long period of time and you don’t exactly know when the roof was installed and it’s better to call a roofing contractor to inspect the condition of the roof.

New Roof installation Durham region
New Roof installation Durham region 1

Having a vast experience in new roof installation Durham region our team is always on the go to help our clients in dealing the problems related to their roofing. If you see that your roofing tiles are getting cracked or missing this means that the tiles are aged and needs a replacement. Shingles or tiles with the passage of time weaken and they crack, get curled and starts to break. If you see sunlight is beaming through your ceiling that will be another warning sign regarding your roofing. Another thing you can do is that after a good heavy rain you can inspect any leaks in the attic this also will give you an idea to call for a professional inspection. As professional advice is always better before to start your roofing repair, renovation or new roof installation process. Roof that is poorly ventilated can also cause problems making your roof a perfect habitat for mold and algae.

Check for Previous Warranties:

While in the process of installing a new roof you can always check for the warranties given by the previous roofing contractors, if luckily the roof is still under warranty the manufacturer who has provided the materials will cover that whereas the warranty given by the workmanship will cover the faulty installation if there was any.

Cost of new Roof installation:

The cost of new roof installation in Durham region depends on several factors like the size of the total affected roof, materials used and others. When you are planning for a new roof installation it’s always suggested that you take two to three quotations from the roofing contractors. At Montana’s roofing and repair, we have always made sure that we deliver that best quality results that last for a long period of time. Not only for new Roof installation Durham region but we roof repair and installation in GTA as well. Feel free to call us and book an appointment with our roofing contractors, they will provide you the services you need for your roofing matters.

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